Here at YKY we take our no-smartphone policy seriously. First and foremost we cannot take responsibility for what teens today access online either alone or with others. We believe that parents do not want their children exposed to information that they disapprove of, regardless of how many filters may be on the phone.

When campers have smartphones they are preoccupied with the phone, Whatsapp, social media etc. and miss the whole amazing present experience! the assault on their attention does not let them appreciate a simple sunset in Yerusholayim, a bus ride through the Golan Heights, or a Motzei Shabbos Kumzitz. Spending time on their phones will prevent them from soaking up all the summer has to offer and bonding with other campers & staff. This will be a terrible waste of an opportunity when we will be crisscrossing Israel and enjoying every moment in Yerushalayim.

Being that we are lucky enough to be situated in the heart of Yerusholayim, we will have a FULL summer experience from morning till bedtime and plan on occupying them with experiencing the sights, sounds, and inspiration that Yerusholayim has to offer. We will have trips to the old city at night, daven at the Kosel, tour Geula, basketball & BBQ at Gan Sakker, visit the Knesset, Yad Vashem, Mivtsoim at the Shuk and so many other activities. Many of these attractions are just a stone’s throw away from where we will be situated BEZ”H. There will be very little downtime in our schedule as we believe bochurim need to be occupied all the time with learning and activities. 

We strongly encourage you to get your son’s simple phones with talk & text, and we will have a WhatsApp group where we will update you with pictures and happenings. 

Please make sure your sons do not come with a smartphone to the Yeshivas Kayitz, as it will be confiscated and returned when he arrives back in the USA.

Here are some links to websites that sell non-smartphones and sim cards. This is just a suggestion, as you may also bring your own non-smart phone.

Camp will also have phones available for campers to call home with.