Our program aims to deliver an incredible experience b’gashmius u’vruchnius. Care has been taken to secure a suitable dormitory in the heart of Nachlaot.

An intensive study program with tailored care and guidance for each talmid has been put in place. A fun chassidshe atmosphere will be the cornerstone of the Yeshivas Kayitz. Many once in a lifetime experiences will be built  on this blend of chassidishkeit and care for the Talmidim.


Mesivta age Bochurim often seek an adequate summer program. While there are options out there, there is still a void, with many students not finding a suitable program or any program at all.

It is our vision at Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim to provide a nurturing experience for these talmidim, b’gashmius u’vruchnius.
A course of learning with accountability will be complimented by a great touring experience, for a summer program of a lifetime.


The Yeshivas Kayitz home base is in the suburb of Nachlaot. Nachlaot is a secure neighborhood in Jerusalem. There are the basic safety concerns as with any large city, but the security of the talmidim will be ensured through a nightly curfew and lights out. We strongly recommend that all valuables and documents be given to counselors at the beginning of the summer to be stored away in a safe. Cleaning help will be employed to ensure the cleanliness of the dorm, while we have vetted the company that will send cleaners, we strongly advise students to hand valuables in to Hanhola or staff members.

Rabbi Avtzon and Rabbi Schneerson have great knowledge of the Eretz Yisroel and great care and effort will be put in to ensure that safety is of primary importance before embarking on any trip and at the trip location. When the trip requires it, necessary security and/or medical personnel will accompany the Yeshivas Kayitz.

The necessary safety precautions will be taken when visiting any areas that require it. The Yeshivas Kayitz will err on the side of caution. Due to the nature of the Yeshivas Kayitz, it is non-negotiable that the talmidim adhere to the basic safety standards of the Yeshivas Kayitz, this includes being accounted for at all times.


Yeshivas Kayitz Yerushalayim will provide the talmidim with delicious meals and snacks. We will have a catered lunch and dinner, and the kitchen will prepare a wholesome and filling breakfast. It goes without saying that Shabbos meals will be catered along with BBQs. Being that Nachlaot is in close proximity to the shuk, talmidim will be able to purchase foods on occasion, with supervision and guidance as to appropriate hechsherim.