Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim aims to provide a nurturing and chassidishe experience both b’gashmius u’vruchnius.
A course of unique learning will be complemented by a great touring experience, for a summer program of a lifetime. Yeshivas Kayitz Yerusholayim’s unique and unparalleled location,  just minutes from the old city walls and in the heart of Jerusalem, will give the campers the immersive feeling of literally “living in the holy land.”
A fun chassidshe atmosphere will be the cornerstone of the Yeshivas Kayitz. Many once in a lifetime experiences will be built  on this blend of chassidishkeit and care for the Talmidim.


Seder and learning are a cornerstone of our program. We begin our day lively and interactive chassidus classes, focus on davening, and continue into the morning seder with classes on Gemoro and Halacha.

We strongly believe that learning should also be experiential and make it as relatable as possible. We learn about the Beis Hamikdash and its Keilim with a tour to the gates of Har Habayis, a visit to the Temple Institute, and more. The same goes for our Mivtzahs, special Shiurim by Rabbi Avtzon of Yerusholayim and a Chassidic perspective on psychology class given by Rabbi Schneerson.


The Yeshivas Kayitz home base is in the suburb of Nachlaot, a secure neighborhood in Jerusalem. There are the basic safety concerns as with any large city, but the security of the talmidim will be ensured through a nightly curfew and lights out. Rabbi Avtzon and Rabbi Schneerson have great knowledge of the Eretz Yisroel and great care and effort will be put in to ensure that safety is of primary importance before embarking on any trip. When the trip requires it, necessary security and/or medical personnel will accompany the Yeshivas Kayitz.

Due to the nature of the Yeshivas Kayitz, it is non-negotiable that the talmidim adhere to the basic safety standards of the Yeshivas Kayitz, this includes being accounted for at all times and to follow all the rules during the entire duration of the Yeshivas Kayitz.


Being in Yerusholayim offers an unparalleled access to education, inspiring, and fun activities. Some of our activities include: Sunrise Shachris at the Kosel, rappelling at the Ramon Crater, a scavenger hunt at the Shuk, whitewater rafting at the Jordan River, Shabbos in Chevron, biking in the Judean Hills, guided tours to the historic neighborhoods of Yerhusolayim, camelback riding, and much much more.