Who is the program geared for?2023-01-17T17:59:36+00:00

YKY is geared towards Mesivta aged bochurim who are interested in a chassidishe and learning program and touring Israel – while immersed in the holy city of Yerushalayim. Priority will be given to bochurim completing Shiur Bais and Gimmel (graduating grades 10th-11th)

What are the dates of the program?2024-01-29T23:24:18+00:00

The dates for the program for the summer of 5784-2024 are 5 Tammuz (July 11th) – 17 Av (August 21st). Please note that departure days (both for arrival and return) and flights information will be given separately.

How much is tuition?2024-05-15T03:58:59+00:00

Tuition is $4,795 for the summer of 5784/2024. Tuition does not include Application Fee and Flights. All other expenses are included. Limited scholarships are available as, contact us for more info.

Are there any scholarships?2024-05-15T03:58:01+00:00

Yes, we have scholarships available, please email us at info@ykysummer.com for more information. General Scholarships information is available on the Program page. Click here for more info.

When do I find out if my son is accepted to YKY?2019-12-10T14:15:27+00:00

Once fully submitted, we will try our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

Is the registration fee refundable?2023-01-17T17:54:32+00:00

No, unless your son is not accepted or we are full.

Is there a group flight?2019-12-18T17:15:17+00:00

Yes, group flight info TBD.

Must I be on the group flight?2023-12-31T17:31:23+00:00

No, you can fly into Israel anyway you want. Please notify us with regards to your flight, and you may arrive at our premises on TBA starting at 08:00. The camp is over TBA, if you have a laterĀ  at different times from the group flight we will arrange transportation for your son to our grounds for a fee. Please be in touch for special circumstances.

Is there a transportation fee from Ben Gurion to YKY and back to Ben Gurion airport when camp is over?2023-01-17T17:58:05+00:00

No! YKY provides transportation for all those arriving in Israel on our group flight or around the same time, and departing back on the group flight. If you are arriving in Israel or departing camp at different hours from the group flight, we can connect you with a transportation service or contact us for other options.

How does laundry work?2019-12-10T14:16:11+00:00

Campers do their own laundry. Campers should bring enough clothes for at least 10 days. every 10 days we will go to a laundromat close by. The cost of laundry is estimated at about $8-$10. Alternatively, there are laundromats nearby who can wash and fold your laundry.

What is the suggested amount of spending money to send with my son?2019-12-10T14:16:17+00:00

Spending money varies between campers. We recommend you bring $200 . just to note, YKY serves three delicious meals a day; breakfast we prepare in-house while lunch and dinner are catered by a reputable caterer. Being in such a central and active location, we also take the campers very often for Pizza, Falafel, & Ice cream. Nevertheless, campers love going to the Shuk for fresh pastries and other goodies, need to do laundry, and buy souvenirs, so it’s really up to you.

Can I send money to my son while in camp?2019-12-10T14:16:27+00:00

Yes, please quickpay or PayPal info@ykysummer.com, then email us with regards to that transaction. We will then give the money to your son.

Can my son bring a smartphone to camp?2019-12-10T14:16:33+00:00

No! smartphones are not allowed. Dumb phones and non-internet phones are allowed. Please see the phones tab for detailed information and options where you can order acceptable phones and sim cards.

How do I get in touch with my son?2019-12-10T14:16:46+00:00

You can send him an email at info@ykysummer.com, Write to “your son’s name” on the subject line. If you would like him to call you, please email info@ykysummer.com and request that your son give you a call.

Do you have a blog or a website I can see pictures and follow the activities of camp?2019-12-10T14:16:51+00:00

YKY has a WhatsApp group that you will be added to immediately before camp begins. On the chat, you will receive daily pictures, updates, and important information on the going on in camp.

Can my son visit his relatives/friends while he’s in camp?2019-12-10T14:17:07+00:00

If your son has grandparents/relatives/friends that he would like to visit, we have a designated Shabbos off for that purpose. For more information, please click on the Off Shabbos link here.

Can I visit my son, or can I take him out of camp for a few hours if I am in Israel?2019-12-10T14:17:13+00:00

You are always welcome to visit your son or take him out for a few hours. However, please note, we are very often on the move, so please be in touch a few days before to arrange the best time possible. If you would like a relative or a friend to take him out, please sign the permission and release form HERE.

My son has a Birthday during camp, can I do anything special for him?2020-06-28T21:13:08+00:00

Yes! Please be in touch with us a few days before if you would like to arrange him a farbrengen and something special.